When do I know that I am done with my study work ? 17/12/2020

At home

When do I know that I am done with my study work ?

"When do I know that I am done with my study work ?" asked my 12 year old boy once.

You can imagine what I felt like! “ I am "a learning how to learn practitioner" and my son still doesn’t know how to deal with his study work ! OH, NO, I haven’t done my job properly!

Actually, I first thought that he knew from within what he had to do but just wanted to buy himself some time! So, I started asking him some questions and I realized that he needed a process to become more aware and more efficient.

My first step was to dialogue with him to see if we were clear on what "his study job" was. Then, I asked him the following question: "When you come back home, how do you feel your superpowers ?” During the week, I had told him a story from #LisaO’Neil about the importance of being in charge of your own stuff to gain personal power and feel superpowers. We had talked about what he was in charge of at school and how important it was to do his job to feel empowered.

The second step was to explore some ideas and chose the best ones that would make hime become more efficient, even when he would have low energy. I started with what he already knew to build on. He thought of micro-learning moments with a timer, to get his energy up and going. We chose 6 efficient ideas and wrote them down on post-it notes. We then checked the time he would need as an overal to finish his micro-moments and we moved the ideas around.

The last step was integrating all the ideas which were the "how to know" that he was done studying. We crafted a whole process together and decided to write and draw it on a piece of paper. He printed a big star and asked me to draw some steps for his rocket to move towards the star. What a creative idea!

We had lots of follow-up sessions and on Sunday, we changed some things to make "time management" work even better.

At the end, it actually became a great co-working experience and