Honing a shared language through the creation of interactions that matter is key to adapt to change.

At work

Improving your team cohesion by creating agile dynamics and lasting interactions to

  •  build a culture of learning
  •  facilitate change
  •  lead to more positive interactions within teams
  •  focus on improving human skills
  •  create an engaging environment  that can adapt to this world of change
  • be inspired by an innovative agile learning method that boosts group dynamics

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Get the teams back on track and boost their collective performance with a unique, dynamic and interactive approach.

Why do teams have difficulty to change and adapt?

  • Your team leaders see that : there are often blockages and sometimes conflicts between people.
  • Despite their efforts, motivation is no longer there and people's commitment is decreasing.
  • These problems already have operational consequences

Perhaps you have already tried :

  • A training on communication or management,
  • Short training sessions on soft skills
  • Team Building
  • And you have taken the time to talk to everyone ...

A system that is broken needs to be transformed and improved so that it can function effectively otherwise.

And that's why we have designed

Level UP is a unique co-created approach between Nadège and I ...

  • Together we have 40 years of business experience; and in training and pedagogy,
  • Interventions in the field to support your teams and share a common vision 
  • Human values, shared enthusias, and a common desire teams and organizations in their transformation.

It includes: 

  • a professional training : The participants will acquire ESSENTIAL SKILLS for today's world.
  • a team coaching : The group will be supported in achieving its OBJECTIVES.
  • a consultative change management: The group will LEARN and CHANGE.

Level ...1

Teams are unlocked and can overcome blocking situations

Level ... 2

Teams get back on track with increased performance

Level ... 3

Teams are transformed with new operating modes supporting sustainable results


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