What if we could imagine a learning tribe that shared the same philosophy, “change for the better” or Kaisen (a fusion of two Japanese words, changes and better) ?

Virtual Wonder Cafés



Finding a safe space to exchange, to answer questions, to imagine solutions together and take actions.

"I think helping people to have spaces in which it’s okay to not know the answer to something, it’s okay to begin to revise the assumptions that you’re applying, it’s okay to wonder where that would lead you and really dare to go into that space, is a really important part of where learning takes place. Creating environments in which that can be done and can be done with peers who have similar roles or similar backgrounds, or maybe different backgrounds but are equally invested in the kind of learning process, is a very rich learning environment. Very exciting, for both participants and those of us who facilitate those spaces."

Gill Coleman

Wondering how to create DYNAMIC interactions that can bring a curious and agile mindset for effective actions to follow?




A wonder café, what a great idea!

A learning space, a rich environment for individuals and teams, to discover concrete tools, bring a wondering idea or process and leaves with an action. A constellation of support where everyone contributes.

A VIRTUAL CAFE to exchange and learn some innovative techniques that brings interactions to another level.

A new learning formula which brings awareness and triggers action.


  • a collaborative and empowered space with rich interactions.
  • a facilitated way for participants to exchange, integrate, explore, and follow up.


Building a culture where learning is a natural part of everyday work tend to have higher engagement scores.


AT WORK : 45-minute online wonder cafes in November and December from 1.30 pm to 2.15 pm.

AT SCHOOL and AT HOME : 30-minute online wonder café, every two weeks on Friday at 12.30 (European time), starting on the 16th of September.

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