DLC, what should we add to the learning game today? 28/01/2021

At school

DLC, what should we add to the learning game today?

On 17th of May, it is my second boy’s birthday. Some years of amazing learning experiences with him and a lifelong learning journey ahead. A few days before one of his birthdays, I had asked him about the gift he wished for, he told me “ I'd love a DLC".

I looked at him puzzled! What was a DLC?

After understanding what DLC meant, a question came to my mind: What should we add into the learning today ?

What is important for now is how I started to talk about education with my boy. He actually helped me to come up with this topic about learning and video games. "You know what?" he said to me: “ I wish school could teach through games in a place with seats that can move, a place surrounded by nature and mentors guiding you on the side .” He actually said vanguards instead of guides but I translated it my way!

I believe we need to find a new way to connect with kids today. We need to build a canal in this ocean of uncertainty. I truly think that we need to guide them more than teach them. What if we could lead them quietly to allow them to find their own way? What if we could bring mentors and peers on board of “a learning ship” and every morning kids would choose to navigate through a 4 color compass: blue to integrate knowledge, red to explore, yellow to exchange ideas with peers, green to reflect on a concept or an idea.

What about a virtual game or a global simulation that would allow us to gather the 4 colors and bring interdisciplinary subjects mentors together by connecting through learners' personal context? Creating new colorful territories of learning that could be achieved locally and internationally...