Schools need to be rethought not as rational hermitage but as interactive hubs of emotional thinking.

At school

You are a director of education, an educational organisation or association, an educator or someone in charge of pastoral care:

  • You are a school director and you want educators to be supported & to be inspired by an innovative approach.
  • You are an educator and you need to explore some innovative tools to create engaging and collaborative environments at school and at home.
  • You need children to be nurtured towards a global collaboration to thrive socially and academically.
  • You need to discover an approach that help you communicate efficiently with parents.

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Apprendre à apprendre : 1. envol vers le secondaire
Apprendre à apprendre : 2. des outils pour apprendre
Apprendre à apprendre : 3. les clés de la réussite

Turn kids into engaging learners with an agile, curious, and mindful approach. Why do adolescents have difficulty to be engaged in their studies?


 Despite all the efforts from the teachers, kids’ motivation is not always present, and commitment is decreasing. These difficulties can be very visible in the classroom and enable teaching to occur. It often comes from the fact that children often lack confidence, emotional regulation or don't really know how to learn efficiently.

Your classroom is part of a system that needs to function effectively through a common language that connects everyone as learners. That’s why I have designed Mindgility®, an integrative approach to inquiry that builds awareness to feeling, learning and behavior in a way which can easily connect the ecosystem.


The Mindgility® learning program provides students, parents and teachers with some holistic metacognitive strategies that will assist them to learn and facilitate learning with the brain and the emotions in mind: One part of the program is about stress regulation, motivation, attention and concentration, structuring, recalling information. Another one is about assisting young learners to organize their time, create their own studying experience as well as collaborating and communicating through a constellation of support.

Mindgility® 1
Your package “Step up”

Building dynamic interactions to learn together

  • Pre-learning video for young minds
  • Leaflets for young minds (printed by the school)
  • 2 or 4 sessions of 45 minutes for young minds
  • Final report
  • A 30 minute Wonder café with parents
  • A 30 minute Wonder café for teachers

    Some key impacts:

    Participants' engagement and discovery of a new approach.

Mindgility® 2

« Ready to take action »

Initiating the culture of

learning to learn

  • A self-evaluation sheet for young minds to be done at home as a pre-learning (printed or sent by the school)
  • Leaflets for young minds (printed by the school)
  • A 30-minute conference with parents
  • 2 or 4 sessions of 45 minutes for yound minds
  • Final report
  • A 2-hour experiential conference for teachers.
  • A 1-hour experiential conference for parents.
  • A pre-learning video
  • Conference slides and 5 capsules 

    Some key impacts:

    Building a common language that connects us all as learners.
    Setting the tone with concrete tools (teaching capsules)

Mindgility® 3
Your package “ A sustainable learning engagement”

  • A pre-learning video for young minds
  • A self-evaluation sheet for young minds (printed by the school)
  • Leaflets for kids (printed by the school)
  • A 30-minute conference with parents
  • Final report
  • 6 sessions of 45 minutes for young minds
  • 2 Wonder Cafés of 45 minutes for Parents and Teachers
  • Conference slides and 10 capsules 
  • A 2 hour Open Forum for teachers 

    Some key impacts:

    Building momentum for empowerment by empowering everyone to ensure positive and successful learning

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Secondary Education Council meeting - 4 May 2017

Brainwise is the new system introduced by the school this year, to help students in S4 and S5 to learn how to study effectively, it focuses on students looking after their wellbeing in addition to teaching study techniques. There is very positive feedback from students, 89% were satisfied or very satisfied.Teachers from Luxembourg

  • It was very interesting and new which is motivating.
  • Rich sessions that allowed me to think about my practice in class.
  • The way you train is very professional and positive.
  • I will recommend this training to other teachers because it brings so much to my practice: collaboration, movement, and metacognition.