Leaders with an Agility of Mind 01/01/2021

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Leaders with an Agility of Mind

An Agility of Mind is an ability to
think of your thinking, your emotion and your behavior. You see change as a positive growth of experience. You expect the unexpected to change the thinking in your head, leading you to want to
understand how your learning changes your reality through insightful moments.

Change disturbs our preditable patterns. But If we do things that work, and it often works, we want to repeat them so we feel good about the outcome. We can feel safe and when we feel safe, our levels of cortisol are lower and our mind is open to explore, discover and learn without being scared to make mistakes that may damage my ego or reputation or even, my confidence.

Change brings with it challenges. When we limit or minimize the fear associated with challenges or risk of failure, we are increasing our chances for success. The Agility of Mind gives the ability to explore, reflect, follow-up and exchange our thinking all together and therefore change the way we navigate the challenges of learning.

Mastering the Agility of Mind is bringing greater awareness over both inner and outer spaces. Aligning projection and result (thinking and action) is the core of the Agility of Mind and practicing it can bring success. Success is something the brain likes, a reward for doing something right. The neurotransmitters associated with success are higly reinforcing learning new things and taking up challenges and feeling good about ourselves.

The brain likes certainty and it is what we do to to predict the future and if we are right about our hypothesis, we become more confident in taking risks even in the face of failure. By applying the Agility of Mind, we are giving new directions to mistakes and labelling them as experiments.

The power of inter-actions will bring to life this
Agility of Mind.

- Inter-actions between cognition and emotion that brings a mindful exploration of thoughts and