The train of wonders 31/08/2022

The train of wonders

Practice curiosity and push away your fear of learning
“Curiosity is what draws you out of your comfort zone; fear is what draws you back in." Marc Jacobs.

We often say, "I am curious or I am not that curious" as if it was a fixed personality trait. But what if we could think of curiosity as a growth mindset that we could acquire by practicing it? When we were children, we were all curious because failing was a learning experience and not a fearful one. Now, as adults, for fear of failure or coming across as stupid, we are afraid to ask questions or even try new things out .
Last week, I literally took the train of wonders and it made me think! For 4 days, I facilitated sessions on my approach called “Agility of Mind" in a middle school, in France, in the Roya Valley. In a short amount of time, I wanted to bring some valuable keys to engage with learning. I approached the unknown with curiosity and practiced curiosity by asking myself : what can I learn today instead of asking myself, why am I so afraid?

Be mindful of your thoughts,
Be mindful of your sensations
Be mindful of your emotions
Be ok to be wrong with what you say or what you do.

Build your journey by practicing curiosity, little by little, through small trials and wonders. Be ready to surrender to uncertainty by practicing curiosity.

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